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Speciality Exotic-Avian Specialist
Degrees DVM

Dr. Abraham graduated from Leon veterinary school, in the north of Spain. He always knew he wanted to work with exotic pets and wildlife. So, to gain as much experience as possible in that field, He did many courses and externships in different clinics and became a member of the board of the association for the attention of exotic and wild animals. After he finished college, he did his master postgraduate diploma on wildlife management.

He worked in different centers all of them related to wildlife and exotic species. Even though he like reptiles and exotic mammals, birds are still his passion. On his free time, he enjoy doing birdwatching and falconry.

Exotic pets and wildlife have special needs. And he dedicate himself to give the best professional care possible for any animals coming at The City Vet Clinic.

Contact Dr. Abraham Arias de la Torre

Clinic The City Vet Clinic, Al Ain Central Market, Shop No. F47, Al Ain, U.A.E.
Phone 03 766 5575
Email abraham@thecityvetclinic.com

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